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A. Geo. Diack, Inc. manufactures custom Aluminum Showcase Frames. The "Newport" and "Clover" models have a 1-1/16 and 11/16- inch extrusion face respectively. Angle showcases are also available in 20, 45, 60, 90, and 135 degrees. Orders are usually shipped within 5 to 7 working days of receipt. 






Triple Frame: Wall mounted with pivot, piano, or tension hinges. An 11/16- inch extrusion face has no visible screws. 
Single Frame: Wall mounted with 7/16 or 11/16- inch extrusion face. 
Can include a 5- inch shelf.





Stocked in 12, 18, and 24- inch or can be fabricated to your specified height. Constructed of 1-1/8- inch square tubing with 2x2 and 2x3 counter mounted bases. Posts accept up to 3/8- inch thick glass, mirror, wood, etc. Posts can include Top Shelves, Wicket Frames, and Slant Configurations.




Assemblies include overhead track with jambs, rollers, guides, and glazing vinyl up to 1/4- inch. All assemblies are fabricated to your specified width and height. We carry 16 stock combinations of sliding and fixed frames. Each Pass-Thru Assembly can include a screen frame.





Aluminum or Plastic combinations available in 12 foot stock lengths or fabricated to your specifications. Shoes slide on Nylon bearing rollers. Track Assemblies can include locks, pulls, shoe, steel rollers, caps, jambs, framed doors, and steel track inserts.






Eight stock anodic coatings aka "Anodizing". Available in Clear, Gold, Duranodic, Flat Black, Bright Clear, Bright Gold, Bright Black, Bright Brush Copper. Wood Grain Powder Coat and 'Special Order' Finishes also available. 



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